Kneeland Lights

Easter Show – 2020

Lift Up Your Eyes | 2018

Jesus is Alive | 2018

Little Drummer Boy – 2017

We Three Kings – 2015

Little Drummer Boy – 2016

Joy to the World – 2016


Light Show!

Info: We’ve added 1500 lights this year!


Wizards in Winter – 2015

Light of Christmas – 2015

We Three Kings – 2016


This is a our own radio station that comes on with the lights and only plays the lights the music move to. You can tune in almost 2 miles away!

Funny enough, when I built this sign I figured everyone would see it and tune in. Many I’ve talked to totally miss the sign because they are so busy looking at the lights.

I could move it more center on the display, but I just feel like that would ruin it.

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